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Saturday, June 16, 2007


As an eighteen year old male I am constantly being reminded by older individuals that I am not invincible. The fact that the youth of America often see themselves as invincible is only illustrated by negative car crash statistics, school violence, teen pregnancy, etc. However I have always believed that at the core of this illogical worldview.

I believe that this is illogical (although so is Faith and hope and love). But a certain idealism seems to come with it. I'm not saying that it always does, but when an intelligent, mature, youthful individual looks at something wrong in his/her world something snaps and you have an idealistic soldier. This is an idealism that can be carried on through adulthood. This is why we have the great country we have. Is because a bunch of idealistic people (who were young once) saw what needed to be changed, changed it, and continue to change it. (Hopefully it's starts changing in the right direction.)

I find that Christian development is the same. When an individual first stumbles into the Christian faith and becomes engulfed in Christ's Love we stand in contrast to our old selves and our old world. We then naively believe that we can change the world by spreading this same love and some continue to die for it. That kind of sounds like idealism and a feeling of invincibility to me. And thank God it's so. However, just as in adulthood, this zealotry can often fade. We become cynical and realistic. Though realism has it's place, we should still be illogically idealistic. We should, as Christians, keep that youthful drive to transform ourselves and teach the same to others. We should see ourselves as God's untouchable children.

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