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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Christian Witchcraft

What would posses me to title this blog with such an oxymoron? Well, I think it's fun for one thing. In fact, I just might have titled this blog Christian Witchcraft even if it had nothing to do with either one just to see what people would do, but I don't feel that weird today. (I do realize that there are those who call themselves Christian Witches and I respect them. I call it an oxymoron because "traditionalist" Witches and conservative Christians might view it as such.)

In high school for my senior paper, I was asked to write on a particular genre of literature. I chose allegories. I titled my paper Allegories and Their Growing Theological Influence. Allegories, I believe, are some of the most powerful means of communication. Heck, they were one of Jesus' favorite tools for teaching. Anyway, I analyzed several allegories, from what I believe to be the first recorded allegory (Jotham's parable in Judges 9:7-15) to The Pilgrim's Progress, to 20th century works by C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) and J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings).

But basically my thesis was that, even if these literary works or their corresponding films did not change an individual's worldview or give him/her some kind of enlightenment, they still had an impact. I believe that, like Pagans, Christianity has been given a bad rap because of the media and certain practitioners/believers who represent us poorly. Though some may point at the patriarchal archetypes and the beliefs on death and the afterlife as heartless and oppressive, the main message is one of love, acceptance, and freedom. I believe that through such allegories as The Lord of the Rings this being seen, whether consciously or not. In these books, Christianity is put into an applicable, understandable, story. Pagans, as well as anyone else, can understand Christianity as illustrated by the wizardry in such books better than they can stories applicable to Palestine around 30-33 A.D.

In fact, even if they do not realize the worldview it comes from, many Pagans are influenced by themes from such novels. Even well known Pagan author Margot Adler in her Drawing Down the Moon reciprocates such observations. (page 33, paragraph 2).

My point is that the popularity of Christian allegories, I believe can be a positive influence, both for a better understanding of the Christian worldview and for any who wish to glean from them any truths that made these works of literature and film successful. After all, allegories are nothing more than truths rearranged into an entertaining fiction.

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John Smulo said...


Great post my friend. Wishing I was in Salem!

RCM- Steve said...


Me, too. Missing all you great guys & gals. I think John & I left a part of our hearts there...

Really liked your post.

Pastor Phil said...

Josh bro,

You trying to put a spell on us? :-) Great post.

Josh Rivera said...

Thanks guys, We miss you both too.
And don't worry Phil, I save my Christian magic for special occasions.

Sally said...

seems we were thinking along the same lines :-) great post.

Josh Rivera said...

Excellent! Though I feel sorry for you if you're thinking like me (I not the most sane person in the world), it feels good to have a comrade in arms.

IZenBet said...

goes right along with not cheaping faith:-) wicked biblical...or should i just say i concure, good thoughts!

Steve Hayes said...

I really do disagree that the Narnia stories and Lord of the rings are allegories. I think Lewis and Tolkien would too, and Tolkien would do so most vehemently.

The pilgrim's progress is allegory, certainly, as is George Orwell's Animal farm, but not the Lewis and Tolkien ones.

patrickrussell said...

Thank you Josh, This is a overlooked subject in the church.Id like to see a deeper study on the power of the spoken word and the effect of mistrained christians speaking wrongly,and how we actualy practice withcraft in churchs. praying wrong thinking wrong with out The Holy spirit leading..
Thanks patrickrussell